Is the NVIDIA Defend TV Pro silent price shopping for in 2019?

Is the NVIDIA Defend TV Pro silent price shopping for in 2019?

Most intelligent reply: No longer precisely. NVIDIA winded down manufacturing of the 500GB Defend TV Pro in 2018. It be no longer available in the market from retailers equivalent to Amazon or Most intelligent Grab but silent appears to be like to be to be on the market articulate from NVIDIA’s internet site for $299 (linked below). Alternatively, you are going to find consoles on eBay promoting for as high as $500 but please enact no longer employ that important on an NVIDIA Defend TV Pro. Your fully wager at this point is to proper take hang of a 16GB NVIDIA Defend TV for $149 and then give a enhance to the storage as major by mounting a USB force at the same time as you wish extra.

For a time, the NVIDIA Defend TV Pro stood atop NVIDIA’s Android TV lineup because the highest price offering, with or no longer it is greatest differentiating characteristic being the 500GB of inside of storage. By utilizing efficiency, it offers the same hardware specs and operates proper the same because the non-Pro model, including toughen for 4K TVs. Nevertheless it changed into as soon as all that additional put of dwelling that gave consumers extra possibilities for making the Defend your occupy.

The additional inside of storage integrated with the NVIDIA Defend TV Pro is fully price the money at the same time as you suggest to make basically the most of it.

As original as media streaming has change into there could be silent something to be said for the simplicity of offline utter material. To illustrate you delight in a large library of motion footage, TV reveals, and track — with the NVIDIA Defend TV Pro, you have to maybe well also load all that broad stuff on and trip it using Plex, to take into accounta good media player that is integrated with every Defend. NVIDIA also integrated the Plex Media Server app pre-installed, which lets you take hang of your media library straight away accessible on the Defend, and streamable to loads of devices (telephones, capsules, on-line game consoles, and rather a lot others.) running the Plex app.

Nonetheless, maybe you are eyeing the Defend TV due to or no longer it is large for gaming. There are a ton of enormous games available in the market all over the Google Play Store, NVIDIA Games, and GEFORCE Now libraries, alongside with NVIDIA GameStream which lets you movement games out of your PC to your Defend. With all that storage put of dwelling, you are also in a location to position of dwelling up retro emulators and then load up the Defend alongside with your complete legally got ROMs.

That changed into as soon as the attract of the Defend TV Pro — it changed into as soon as versatile passable to be taught you make it your occupy alongside with your complete favourite media, games, and apps whereas final moveable to be without problems put of dwelling it up wherever. On the instrument aspect, the Defend TV Pro will continue to receive fresh updates, and NVIDIA has carried out a proper job at conserving the Defend trip fresh and spicy with new sides constantly added over the final three years.

Nonetheless, at the same time as you place no longer settle on that important storage or wish to keep some money, or no longer it is no longer price it to catch the Pro, especially since or no longer it has been discontinued. Again, you are going to be in a location to silent salvage them on the NVIDIA store or eBay, but costs fluctuate wildly.

You are paying $a hundred and fifty for one more 484GB

The choice whether or no longer to employ an additional $a hundred and fifty on the NVIDIA Defend TV Pro will in a roundabout draw near down to the importance of getting that additional storage readily available in the market. It be draw extra helpful to by no draw need to anguish about your Defend running out of storage, especially at the same time as you suggest to constantly load up utter material to trip offline.

You’ve got silent got alternate choices for increasing storage at the same time as you choose for the 16GB NVIDIA Defend TV. Whereas basically the most original model did away with the microSD slot, you are silent in a location to mount additional storage by job of USB flash force — and the 128GB SanDisk Extremely Match ($31) is a sizeable and affordable resolution.

Final analysis

The NVIDIA Defend TV Pro is officially discontinued so that you just are going to be in a location to be in a location to snag one of many final ones from NVIDIA, and there could be proper payment available in the market with all that additional inside of storage put of dwelling. Whether or no longer you settle to need to load it up with offline media or a ton of awesome games, the NVIDIA Defend TV Pro shall be the core of your space media entertainment — but at this point we need to indicate the commonplace NVIDIA Defend which is extra extensively available in the market, 1/2 the payment, and lets you enlarge that inside of storage as major.

Our take hang of


Control your tidy dwelling

Indubitably one of many greater Defend bundles entails a SmartThings Hyperlink that connects by job of USB to remodel your Defend into a Zigbee and Z-Wave tidy dwelling hub. This lets you join and control an ever-rising series of like minded tidy devices proper out of your sofa. A large deal that makes the Defend that important extra principal.

Extra storage

SanDisk Extremely Match 128GB 3.Zero Flash Force

Seems like or no longer it is carrying nothing in any admire!

This ultra-slim flash force is easy programs so that you just have to maybe add an additional 128GB of utter material to your Defend. Load it up for your computer, then set up it in the good thing about your Defend and you are off to the races!


NVIDIA Defend TV Pro

Accumulate it before or no longer it is long gone for proper.

NVIDIA appears to be like to be to take hang of the final stock of the 500GB NVIDIA Defend TV Pro, so if the premise of all that inside of storage is price the $300 imprint catch after it whereas you are going to be in a location to.

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