Tidying up (my game inventory) with Marie Kondo

Tidying up (my game inventory) with Marie Kondo

I hoard objects in video video games. I hoard them to the level the build I don’t hold any other home in my inventory or my storage. The premise of tossing away some animal skins or even “beastkin blood” frightens me. What if I need it later? Will hold to I steal it off one other participant or be compelled to notice one down? No! I right ought to help every little thing in storage forever.

Nonetheless tidying guru Marie Kondo has me rethinking my habits, Snippets of her original Netflix present, Tidying Up with Marie Kondo, are performing in every single region, and it appears savor each person is tearing via their closets in response. Nonetheless I’m no longer the handiest one pondering what Marie Kondo’s address no longer right my loyal storage, but to boot my game inventory habits would be:

that is a deep vein to mine, the potentialities for marie kondo video game tweets are unending and all high fantastic. she ought to light glimpse my farm on stardew

— Scott Geldzahler (@shgeldz) January 14, 2019

Kondo’s programs involve going via every little thing you hold, starting with garments and ending with sentimental objects, and throwing out or donating whatever doesn’t carry you joy. Stuff can modified into overwhelming, and it’s imaginable that the belongings you hold are complicating your lifestyles and inflicting sadness, despite the incontrovertible reality that it feels such as that you would be succesful to’t throw the relaxation out. Even your socks hold energy, and might perhaps perhaps be folded a obvious methodology. Or, if they don’t carry you joy, that you would be succesful to thank them for serving you, and then build away with them.

This is succesful of perhaps sound savor a humorous myth, but it indubitably doesn’t in reality feel savor one to me. Staring at Tidying Up, I kept asking myself questions about my digital closets.

Why live I hoard elixirs and by no methodology exercise them? Why live I in reality hold so many low-leveled equips for classes I don’t play? What am I going to live with this enormous pile of elm logs?

Kondo tells other folks to handiest help the things that spark joy, but none of this stuff give me joy! It’s the reverse, truly — they offer me minute apprehension when I procure the notification that I handiest hold two slots final in my inventory, or that my storage handiest has 5 free slots left.

So I started pondering: What would Marie Kondo live if she took a tour of my digital lifestyles?

I didn’t savor the respond. I tremendous that it will be time to build what she preaches into apply.


Every inventory can also be tidied up

The crucial factor to demand when cleansing out a persona or online game lumber previous the in model, “Will I ever exercise this?” The respond to that will step by step sit at, “Per chance!” You might perhaps perhaps level a mage in the end, so it be crucial to help that low-level mage tools. You might perhaps perhaps ought to craft original furnishings on your home, so it be crucial to help that additional leather. You might perhaps perhaps procure caught on a future boss fight, so it be crucial to help that elixir.

It’s higher to shut to a call if an item is suitable to you now — or if it will make you a miniature bit additional gold or be broken down into crafting affords for rapid exercise. You’ll gain extra elixirs later, but that you would be succesful to or might perhaps perhaps no longer ever gain time to compare out one other class. Cash and affords are nearly step by step suitable to steal or procure extra much tools this day, no longer right within the hypothetical future.

Doing away with objects is right as straightforward as hoarding them; we right pick on to procure original habits. That’s what Marie Kondo says. Conclude weighing your self down with stuff you don’t need, and launch to search out joy in a bigger checking legend or specialized tools.

This style of cleansing can, in an rapid methodology, strengthen how we play video games.

I used to be literally unable to total a Closing Delusion 14 quest, on legend of I already had a Phoenix Down in my inventory, and likewise you’re handiest allowed to build one by one. I couldn’t accept the one given as quest reward, and I couldn’t even be conscious the build I had gotten the one in my inventory or how prolonged I had held onto it.

Which intended it was a wasted item that, in a literal sense, had stopped my forward growth within the game. It had held me again. I could perhaps perhaps hold aged the Phoenix Down when I wished it, but as an substitute it modified into nothing when I used to be compelled to drop it. The KonMari methodology will optimistically restful you down within the face of your mess — and it will make you a bigger participant by forcing you to glimpse, and react to, the utility on your objects earlier than it’s too leisurely.

Nonetheless the KonMari methodology isn’t right about minimalism. It’s also about making obvious every little thing you hold has a home. It will be suitable to end caring in regards to the assortment of objects that you would be succesful to hold got, as prolonged as they lumber into the neutral region. Whilst you don’t hold a straight exercise for something, and likewise you don’t hold a licensed home for it, it’s presumably handiest you removed it.

For RP options in Stardew, I in reality hold a wine chest and a jam chest, with savor one or several of every wine/jam I in reality hold crafted. Nonetheless they live carry me joy so…

— liminal nest (@UntoNuggan) January 14, 2019

This might perhaps perhaps be how other folks cease up with properties in Skyrim that are handiest filled with books, so per chance proceed with caution. Nonetheless if a home filled with books brings you joy, who are we to bewitch?

The video games we play typically hold countless potentialities, which has fooled me into pondering that I’m planning forward and outsmarting the machine for stockpiling an unending quantity of leather. Nonetheless it’s a fool’s paradise; I used to be troubled and had no region to store all my leather. Marie Kondo, without a hint of snark, has made me demand if my hoarded objects carry me joy … and it appears they weren’t. They had been stressing me out and making it extra difficult to savor the objects I was the exercise of, those that in reality mattered to me.

Per chance it’s time to orderly up.

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